Finishing inkjet prints is the least understood process in the inkjet printing process. As inkjet printing is rapidly replacing
silver halide printing, there are some major differences in the finishing requirements for inkjet that were not important in silver halide. The following information will help you understand the requirements in finishing inkjet prints. We want our images
to last for generations, and we have presented the information to help you achieve that goal.

The Image Permanence Triangle
The Image Permanence Triangle

Premier Imaging Products was established to meet the needs of serious photographers and digital artists that require image permanence in their inkjet prints. Early Ink jet prints were extremely unstable, with some examples of fine art images fading within 6 months in normal display conditions!

The industry has made tremendous progress since the original photo printers, but there are still parameters that affect print life that still needs the attention of the print maker. Think of the printing process as a triangle. Each side has an equal influence in determining the longevity of the inkjet print.

Premier Imaging Products has addressed 2 sides of the image permanence triangle, Media and Finishing, and have branded these products as PremierArtâ„¢.

The PremierArt brand represents an engineered inkjet printing solution designed specifically for the digital artist and photographer. The media and coatings have been specifically designed with the OEM inks to provide a system that was designed for image longevity.

Are You Finished_img_2This system has been tested and certified by Wilhelm Imaging Research, the leading independent testing lab that focuses on image permanence. Visit for more information on Wilhelm Imaging Research.

The PremierArt line of products was created to give the user the confidence that the printing and finishing products will last for generations.